Monday, January 24, 2011

Tell me: What's your most questionable experience with TSA?

I've done a lot of traveling the past few years and I've had quite a few interesting experiences in airports, cars, trains - basically anything that takes you to and fro.  But yesterday took the cake.  

My friend and I took a much needed long weekend in Mexico.  On our way back home I went through the normal rigamarole of airport security following the 3-1-1 procedures, taking out my iPad.  Passport checked, pockets empty, jewelry off.  All clear.  

As they called my flight to board they asked passengers to form 2 separate lines for men and women.  This was the first sign something was off.  The TSA (or whatever they are called in Mexico) then proceeded to check every bag and pat down every person.  I watched what was going on and while the process was annoying, time consuming and duplicative of what I thought happened at security an hour earlier, we all went along with no objections.  But then came my pat down.  Standing with my arms out like a T, the officer did a quick pat down on  my legs, arms, then WHOA.... my chest!  Straight down the middle.  OK, so not only did I not see her do that do any of the other female passengers that boarded before me, she gave me absolutely no warning.  I was shocked and frantically looked for my friend who I could only assume was being equally violated.  And yes, it happened to her too.

Now without getting too personal, I'm not so well endowed that I could hide narcotics, prescriptions drugs or even a tic tac in my bra without someone noticing.  So why cop a feel?  Wouldn't a couple of dogs sniffing my luggage work just as well?

So commiserate with me.   What's your most questionable experience with TSA?

(For the record, I'll add letting me through security with an expired license but confiscating my hummus because it is a 'liquid' to the list too.)


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